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Our online Certificate in Trading Intuition | certTI® helps you develop trading intuition through our unique approach to trading training developed over 10+ years.

1. Trading Core Pro™: gain a solid understanding of trading covering trading frameworks, behavioral aspects, trading strategies and risk management.

2. Virtual Trading Experience: put into practice your knowledge by pursuing an appropriate trading strategy and implementing your view over a one-month time period in a virtual trading experience.  Can be spread out longer period based on your schedule.

3. Access to Mentoring: enhance your learning experience by obtaining feedback from a highly experienced trader.  Gain valuable insights on your trading that will improve you trading intuition in the global financial markets.

certTI® online:

24 hour availability | 1 year access

Once enrolled, you can access your course through our Virtual Learning Environment.


Trading Core Pro™

  • Trading Frameworks
  • Macro | Fundamental | Technical
  • Trading Strategies I and II
  • Special Topics: Rumors
  • Risk Management Techniques
  • Performance Measures
  • Hedging Techniques
  • Speculation

Virtual Trading | Mentoring

  • Choose from Several Virtual Platforms
  • Many Trading Strategies to Choose From
  • Analysis: Macro | Fundamental | Technical
  • Mentoring Sessions – Flexible
  • Gain Valuable Trading Insights
  • Learn Trading Discipline
  • Professional Risk Management
  • Improve your Understanding – Results!

Certification | Overview

  • Virtual Trading Experience | 1-month
  • Attend Virtual Mentoring Sessions
  • Completion of Online Trading Sections
  • Trading  Adherence Requirements
  • Award based on Process not Results
  • Trading Evaluation – 5 Point System
  • Over 10 Years+ of Training Experience
  • Repeat Virtual Experience at Discount