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Certificate in Trading Intuition – certTI®

Enhance your investment or employment options!

Certificate Requirements: over 1 or 2 months of actual trading experience

Certificate in Trading Intuition


Step 1: Trading Knowledge

Trading Topics

Trading Frameworks, Trading Intuition, Technical Analysis, Trend & Momentum, Sentiment Analysis and Cycles & Money Flows

Core Concepts

Hedge Fund Trading Strategies, Macro & Geopolitical Environment, Investment/Trading Insights, Option Strategies, Trading Futures and Forecasting

Step 2: Trading Platforms

In step 2, you gain experience by placing virtual trades over one to two months.

Based on your choice of asset class – equities, commodities or FX, you will choose from one of 7 trading platforms.

The minimum is one month of trading one of the three asset classes.  If you decide to trade over a two month period, you have the option of choosing a second asset class for your final month.

Step 3: Evaluation & Certification

Certificate in Trading Intuition – certTI®

You submit your trading experience through our online learning portal.

We employ a 5-point trading evaluation system developed over 10 years of actual trading training experience in higher education.

Improve your trading skills and showcase your trading experience to potential employers in trading and investments.

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